Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sunny's ideas

okey dokey, i have NO idea what to blog about, so i'm going to use sunny's ideas to overcome this predicament.

idk what to google, so i'll skip this one. ;)

i've already written about my lack of ideas.

the ugliest thing in this room is......idk. the whole thing is not very attractive, and messy to boot. to make it pretty we'd have to clean it up, repaint it, and get new curtains. :P

i had a lot of dreams last night, but i don't remember what they were. :S but i know i dreamt something........

ok, the neighbors to the left of our house, we'll call them Billy and Lauren, are really millionaires, leaving behind their humble house next to ours for the luxuries of their mountaintop cabin or their seaside mansion, and coming back to escape the people and newshounds. And the neighbors to our right, we'll call them Vince and Stacy, are vigilante superheroes, Vince saving the world by day, and Stacy by night, and they're training their sons to follow in their footsteps. while they're busy, their dog guards their house, along with their bird who thinks he's a dog, too.

hey, that worked pretty well. :D LESS THAN 3 AND A HALF WEEKS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3


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