Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I'm reading this book called The Sherlock Files. It's pretty good. It's about these kids who are the great-great-great grandkids of, you guesses it, Sherlock Holmes. but that made me think, if he was their ancestor, wouldn't he have to have been married and have kids? and that is one thing I'm almost positive that Shelock Holmes NEVER did. he had noooooooooooooo intrest in women, unless they brought him an interseting case, and even then, it was strictly professional. maybe they were actually descendants of his brother Mycroft..... :P ANYWAY! in the book there is also people who are descendants of Dr. Watson, which is more believeable, since Dr. Watson did in fact get married. :D lol anyway, that is besides the point. the point is, SCHOOL IS ALMOST DONE, AND SOON AFTER IT IS, WE GET A CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

a yellow fruit
also, a pudding
a delicious pudding


  1. Those books sound really good:D I'll have to read them. I'M EXCITED FOR THE END OF SCHOOL!!! Another good book about Sherlock Holmes is Eye of Crow, it's set for when he's younger, but still really good:D

  2. hurray for cat or shall I say "meow"

  3. meow meow meow:P on wii music you can be a cat and meow the melody:P i did that but my fam was so annoyed at the end lol:P


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