Friday, May 28, 2010

the secret life of my neighbors

i still don't know what to blog about, so i'm going to continue making up things about what my neighbors are doing. plus, it's fun! :D

I didn't see Billy and Lauren at all today, which means that they are in their remote mountaintop cabin with their butler Dwayne, living luxuriously in secret. My sources tell me that they went skiing today, and tomorrow they plan to hang glide. Dwayne is as faithful as ever, they tell me, and sees to everything.

Vince and Stacy are busy getting their house up to superhero code. everyday, Vince goes up to the second floor windows and works at them, bulletproofing them, and installing hi-tech security cameras in the panelling around them. He is also coating their house in sound-proof and radar-proof paint, so no one can tell that they are training and strategizing in there. Their sons have all gone off to superhero training camp, which is like boot camp, but for superheros. The dog and bird patrol faithfully everyday.

stay tuned for more about the secret life of my neighbors! ;D


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