Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I had an Areo bar for lunch today!!:D:D it was soo yummy and I can still taste the after taste in my mouth. I hope we have smores on friday! Cause theres going to be a BBQ at the Mcnitts and they'll have HOBO HEAT!! lol:P Hahahahahaha
I'm going to give you a lesson in how to perform the fire dance corographed by us!

*stand by fire*"I'm hot"*point to another person not by the fire "You're cold" *spin around while singing *"You go round like you know"*point to yourself*"Who I am" *shake finger and sing* "But you don't. You keep me on my toes" *go on tip toes than laugh your head of*

Best performed with other people who are just as silly and crazy (or more!) than yourself:P
If other people look at you funny that's because they're jealous of you epic awesomeness.

There! lol:P tehe you gotta love us:P:P:P:P:P:P I can't wait for friday!!!! Who's with me?!


  1. Ok Sunny. Let me tell you, THAT WAS SO AWESOME AND EPICALLY FUNNY! :)
    Anywaysss, I thought the dance was:
    *Stand by fire*I'm hot*RUN AWAY FROM FIRE*you're cold....etc.
    LOL I love the tips. We totally need to do that dance, except it worked better at Jaye Jaye's cuz it was cold....ahh well, we can do it anyway.
    Also, that hobo heat part was epically funny! :D

  2. o yes i forgot about runnin away:P and thanks:D

  3. Destiny Diddlesworth06 May, 2010

    NP! :)


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