Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yum Yum Yummy!

Heyo! I was just thinking about the hungerstrike:P I guess it's kind of ironic to say yummy when its all about not eating:P Anyways I just got some emails regarding the HS and what I'm supposed to be doing. I'm doing writing and event planning. What are ya'll doin? I found out about a cool mystery show called Murdoch Mysteries. It has the guy in it who is on the cibc comercail or is it scotiabank? anyways its cool:) Tehe ALL THE COOL KIDS BLOG!! Ya Cel! I saw him today and the scotsman. I'm pretty sure I was annoying cause I was loud and kept hitting the scotsman with a booklet holder thingy lol:P good times:P I'm gonna watch some murdoch mysteries now.


P.S. Don't be a gooey chocolate chip cookie!

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