Thursday, April 15, 2010


OK!!!!! so, it's official, we're going to name the cat Sherlock!!! :D Or Locky, for short. ;) lol! And Petcetera is having a big sale, so we're going to pick up some cat stuff. like a cat tree!!! i love cat trees. they look like so much fun!! :D sometimes I wish I were a cat just so I could play on them!! :D there was one cat tree there that was taller than i was! it was $300, marked down from $800!! but we're going to get a smaller one. they're around $40. And yes, i know most of you probably don't care about all this, but i told you anyway. SO THERE!! :D

In other news, I got this cute blue sundress at Old Navy, and Sunny wants me to wear it to church. Maybe I will, if it's warm out. If I do, you people will all know who I am, if you don't already. :) :D

JUST DANCE!! RING MY BELL!! I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT!!!!! ahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! :D

p.s. we saw a hedgehog at petcetera! it was so cute!! :D lol


  1. Well Dakota, I too have a blue sundress that I got at OLD NAVY! :D I will wear mine too if it is warm, and then our secret will still be safe! ;)

  2. awww hedge hogs are cute:) And I'd feel so out of it if you guys got the same dresses and wore them at the same time:):Plol

  3. Hedgehogs are cute!! :)
    haha. That would be soo cool though! And Kota, I had a dream last night that you wore your dress and it was different! :P But we will soon see! :)
    You should take a pic of yours and bring it to Sunny's tonight! :)


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