Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter! :)

Good morning everyone!!
I am up bright and early, but not before those birds. They are hootin' away outside!
Anyway, I don't know why I am up before six. I guess I am just excited. I woke up at about 4:24AM and then I rested and looked at my clock again and it was 4:59AM. Then I was reading until 5:50AM. I just don't get why I always remember those times, down to the last minute... :/ odd.
Well, HE IS RISEN! :D Such a great thing!!<3
PANCAKE BREAKFAST TODAY!! With FruitLoops and Cocoa....I hope they will have Strawberries. LOL DAKOTA!! <3 ;)


  1. Wow guys. Looks like we had fruitloops, coca and strawberries!

  2. He has risen indeed!

    James the intern here! A fun pancake breakfast it was! Great blog here peeps keep it up

  3. Yah Sunny!! :)

    Yes, it was a good and fun pancake breakfast!! :D

  4. and James, do you know what we mean by, cocoa, strawberries and fruitloops?

  5. likely not, They seem like inside jokes but no worries.. it's still funny to read

  6. Hahaaaa. They ARE inside jokes, and it would be really odd if you knew what we meant.. :P


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