Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Weekend!

Hello y'all!!
So, today is Saturday! LONG WEEKEND!!! Anyhow, yesterday was Good Friday and let me tell you what I did. I talked about some stuff in "The Fate Of Destiny", but I will go more in depth here.
I went to Church in the morning. Dakota was there and Sunny wasn't. Then after Church, we headed home for lunch. Afer we ate spaghetti (yummm) then we headed out to my Aunt and Uncle's house. They live maybe 1 and a half hours away... maybe a bit more. When we arrived, we went in. Our Uncle was at work so it was just our Aunt and Cousin. We were playing and then we went down to the living room. (Here comes the funny part!!) My cousin was on the couch and he said: "Des, look, Jenny is looking right at me!" At this point, I KNOW what you are all thinking. 'Who is Jenny??' Well, Jenny is their cat. We had been looking for her, and my cousin found her behind the couch. So, then I said: "Oh that's cool." He said: "Come look!" So I did. When I got on the couch, she was looking straight at me! It caught me off guard and I fell off the couch, trying to grab onto their table and then I knocked their bowl of candies onto the floor. I was just sitting there for a few moments, and then my Aunt came and I was sooo scared that I had broken the bowl. Thankfully, I didn't! :)
Eventually, we went out for dinner. You probably don't care what I had, but for dessert I shared (with my brother) a plate of donuts. They were mini, and the lady shook them in icing sugar, and then she had two bowls. One had chocolate and one had caramel. We dipped the warm/hottish, mini donuts in chocolate and caramel. AM I MAKING YOU HUNGRY YET????
After that, we went back to our Aunt and Uncle's for a few minutes and then we had to go. While we were driving home I fell asleep. My Aunt thinks it was from all of those donuts, even though my brother and I each had 4 and a half... but that is kinda a lot.... :D It was worth it though.
What did y'all do?? I will try and update more!! :)


  1. Yummy! you made me hungry! I luv those mini dounuts you can get at farmers market:D:D:D

  2. Ooooh cool! What did you think of me falling off the couch?? :/ :P


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