Friday, April 30, 2010


AND!!!!!!!! i forgot to mention, THE CAT IS OFFICIALLY OURS!!!! we had to wait for these other people to make a decision, but they finally did, and we got the cat we wanted!!!! we'll be able to bring it home around JUNE 24!!!! :D AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HI!!! I'M HERE!!!!

wow. it's been a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time since I blogged. like, A MILLION YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not really. but close. ;) :D heeheehee. sunny, i'm glad you said something. now i know to where messy clothes. i'll tell wilson, too. :D i'm trying to write my own book (again!!) and it's going ok. i'm kinda stuck, tho. i've started SO MANY books, but i never finish them. WHO'S HELPING WITH VBS??? I AM!! I AM!! :D hahahaha. aawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamessssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we misssssssssssssss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( *sigh* ummm.......PIFF!! PAFFLES!! PORCUPINES!! PICKLES!! ANYTHING RANDOM THAT STARTS WITH P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ya. :D hey sunny! i finished drawing all the major and somewhat major characters in your book so far!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D i'll bring them tonight!!!!!

Paper Maché!!

TOnight at youth for arts night we're making (drumroll please!) you guessed it a paper maché tree for VBS! Well you probably didn't guess it, unless you had inside info like me *MWHAHAHA*
Anyways wear your messy clothes that are okay to get messy! It should be fun!! I'm excited!! And hungry. I should go and look for a paper maché recipe. WHERES KOTA?! she hasn't blogged in awhile and she hasn't responded to my emails!! I'm listening to a book called "Catching Fire" on audio book. This is random but I always have trouble with spelling audio. I have to delete it 5 or 6 times before I get it right:P:P *SIGH, SIGH, SIGH!* haha kota and dessy (arnez!:P) member the video?!:P lol this is such a random post! did anyone see the new pole? JTI also put up a new post about us!! Tehe.

"WE'RE BLOGGING!" *jump up and down and claps hands* awww never gets old. WE MISS OUR JAMIES:P I can't remember who said that Jaye was less mad when Jamies was around but they were right! I can't remeber once when Jaye yelled at us to be quiet:P when Jamies was around......



Sunday, April 25, 2010


I am sick with a cold right now... well, I think it is a cold. I haven't blogged for a little while and thought this is the perfect time.
Friday was the 30 Hour famine. It was actually Thursday to Friday. I didn't actually do it, I only started fasting after school on Friday so it was about the 6 and a half hour famine for me. I was getting a cold on Friday, so I felt miserable. Once Sunny came up to me and said "How are you?" Me: "Good." Sunny: "You look sick." Me: "I AM sick." Sunny: "Don't LIE to me! You said you were good." Both: "haha"
Yah, and a couple other people would say things like "Oh Destiny, you look really sick." Or, "You look bad." Stuff like that. By the end of the night, I was a wreck. Yesterday, I was still sick, and just stayed home and relaxed. We were going to go to McDonalds for supper, and my mom said that I could stay home if I wanted, but I had been cooped up in the house all day and wanted to get out so I went.
Today, I am starting to feel a bit better. ONLY A BIT! My family is at Church and I am here at home, just watchin' some TV and playing video games. Typical day when you're sick. I am going to get a drink soon and go relax again.
P.S. Dakota and Sunny, when y'all read this, I am sick, that is why I wasn't at Church! I miss you guys!! ♥

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yum Yum Yummy!

Heyo! I was just thinking about the hungerstrike:P I guess it's kind of ironic to say yummy when its all about not eating:P Anyways I just got some emails regarding the HS and what I'm supposed to be doing. I'm doing writing and event planning. What are ya'll doin? I found out about a cool mystery show called Murdoch Mysteries. It has the guy in it who is on the cibc comercail or is it scotiabank? anyways its cool:) Tehe ALL THE COOL KIDS BLOG!! Ya Cel! I saw him today and the scotsman. I'm pretty sure I was annoying cause I was loud and kept hitting the scotsman with a booklet holder thingy lol:P good times:P I'm gonna watch some murdoch mysteries now.


P.S. Don't be a gooey chocolate chip cookie!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Right now I am at Enrichment! It is fun! We made podcasts, and right now, I am doing a trivia thing on the computer so I came to blog! ;) I am glad that I didn't have to go to school, but I miss my friends! :/ Anyway, I never have anything to blog about, unless I am at school or doing something fun and exciting!
We have a book fair at our school and I bought this really great book yesterday, and read it TWICE yesterday and I am working on reading it again. Not now, of course, but I was reading this morning. :D

I am gonna go now!
Keep blogging! ;)

Monday, April 19, 2010


I'm at a loss. I want to blog, but idk what to blog about. :P I guess I have writer's block. :P :D lol! all I can think of is "snuffleupagus piff," "bacon," and "porcupines," which is just my standard fallback stuff. :P ah well. i'll try again later. :D

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Jelllllo Jellllllo Jellllo

It's hard to type when I'm laying down. I would know b/c I'm laying in bed watching psych and now i'm blogging so now I have to sit up b/c my arms are hurting.
There, thats better. This room is freezing and I have a blanket on!
Soooo umm ya I have nothing else to say, but I saw a recipe for chicken pot pie!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


OK!!!!! so, it's official, we're going to name the cat Sherlock!!! :D Or Locky, for short. ;) lol! And Petcetera is having a big sale, so we're going to pick up some cat stuff. like a cat tree!!! i love cat trees. they look like so much fun!! :D sometimes I wish I were a cat just so I could play on them!! :D there was one cat tree there that was taller than i was! it was $300, marked down from $800!! but we're going to get a smaller one. they're around $40. And yes, i know most of you probably don't care about all this, but i told you anyway. SO THERE!! :D

In other news, I got this cute blue sundress at Old Navy, and Sunny wants me to wear it to church. Maybe I will, if it's warm out. If I do, you people will all know who I am, if you don't already. :) :D

JUST DANCE!! RING MY BELL!! I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT!!!!! ahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! :D

p.s. we saw a hedgehog at petcetera! it was so cute!! :D lol

Wednesday, April 14, 2010



So, I am seriously LOVIN' this weather! So nice and warm and all that good stuff! :)

I have a PD day on Friday! WOO HOO!! :D Yah, the week is going by very quickly, so I am really happy. I don't know what to talk about so, yahhhh.



For kicks I looked up the defination of epic.

Main Entry: 1ep-ic
Pronunciation: \'e-pik\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin epicus, from Greek epikos, from epos word, speech, poem-more at voice
1: of, relating to, or having the characteristics of an epic (an epic poem)
2 a: extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope (his genius was epic)

there you have it the defination of epic:) We're the queens of epic! right destiny:P:Plol

Monday, April 12, 2010



hey look at that! for all that screaming, i only used one exclaimation point! ha! anyway, help me come up with some interesting cat names, people!!

BANG! (that was a fake gun going off)


.................................n...............................i..............................n.....................................j...........................a...........................s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Where's Kota??? and other random stuff

Where is Kota??? She's not posting! :( Anyways it's lunch again and I'm blogging. Does that sound nerdy to you?:P Oh well, who cares what they all think. We know that "all the cool kids blog!" lol:P That was soooo funny. If you're confused, check out the jellocube! Comment on some of the posts:) Btw there is a new post open for disscusian: "Dealing with Drama". Soooo anyone for some tea? I had a rootbeer for lunch and can still taste the after taste in my mouth:P It's a very odd sensation, considering I also had fries and gravy. If Jaye heard about my unhealthy lunch he would have a fit:Plol But it isn't as odd as the hot chocolate we had in Montreal. It was a rich creamy smooth taste than after you swollowed it, your throat burst into flames (not literally!:P) So you would drink more to try and cool it, but end up with a flaming throat once again! It was a never ending cycle of creamy, hot! creamy hot! creamy hot! ect. :P


I better go class is bout to start:(:P

Pickles! (and icecream!)

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Heyy guys. Just thought I would tell you of something I thought about.

OK, y'all don't know my middle name but I thought I would tell you, because it has to do with my idea! My middle name is Joy. So anywhossss, my idea was that my new nickname is going to be: DJ, because my name is Destiny Joy.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Another Random Post bout School

Hey all

I'm at school too! It's really interesting to hear everyone's different voices. There are 2 deep voices and i just got a notice saying "how is this school related?" so i better post this now.
As for randomness:

I used acid in a science lab today!


Hey y'all!
I am at school right now! I am typing very fast because I don't want my teacher to come by and make me stop. But yah, I am at school working on a project.
Tonight we have Youth. I am very excited! :D

R-A-N-D-O-M!! :P



OK, the bell is going to ring in about 9 minutes, so I better get going! :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Hey! Guess what? idk if it's still called that, but Wilson (my brother! for anyone who knows what my real name is, you may find that amusing) learned in school that there is/was a city called Porcupine in Ontario!!!! :D hahahaha I thought that was funny. :) anyways, I am doing the msn/fb/youtube fast with Sunny, but we have unlimited bloggin rights, so it's ok!! :D ahahaha. this is day 1 for me, day 3 for Sunny, I think.

FUZZY WUZZY WAS A BEAR! FUZZY WUZZY HAD NO HAIR! FUZZY WUZZY WASN'T FUZZY, WAS HE? hahahahahahahahahaha hey they mentioned that in one episode of psych. :D lolz XD

piffle. SNUFFLEUPAGUS PIFF!! and onions.


Hey all! I really hate to post twice in a row but no one else is!:P Anyways I'm downloading an episode of pysch from itunes and its taking forever!!! I'm listening to wavin flag remix!! YAY!! i love that song. Soooo I have today off:D yay for gr. 10 testing! Sooooooooooooooo I can't think of any more random stufff.


Actually I could, i lied:P

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New links!

Hey all! just thought I'd give you a heads up to the new links I added in the bottom of the page! If you would like to have a blog/website added just comment!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Right now we are all at Dakota's and I am on Sunny's laptop. We had sooo much fun today. When Sunny arrived, Kat and I were eating and when we finished we played Just Dance. It was SOOOOO fun!! I danced to this really funny song and then when we were finished we went to the park. When we came home, we wanted to bake cookies, but we had to go to the Store. (The Corner Master`s store LOL SUNNY)Then we baked the cookies and now we are watching I Love Lucy. Sunny has the DVD so we are watching it. So, TTYL!!
Desi (ARNEZ!:/ )


Wow. I seem to be blogging a lot. But still, people think it is funny and entertaining, so why stop??? ;)
Anywhossss, I am hanging out with Dakota and Sunny today. Well, I should say I am GOING to hang out with them today. Normally it is just me and Dakota, because Sunny is busy or what not. So, I am really excited for TODAY!!!! But, there isn't anything wrong with it just being me and Dakota, or me and Sunny or all three of us!!! I love both of them, along with all my other non-bloggin' BFFs. So, I AM REALLY EXCITED!!!
PICKLES! I am craving pickles! Does that seem odd that I crave pickles at 7:05AM?? Well, that isn't even what I am really craving. I am REALLY craving peaches, and that isn't so odd either! :D
Also, if you are wondering why I said 7:05AM and the blog time is completley different, that is because the time on this blog is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY OFF.
So, I will go now. I WILL SEE DAKOTA IN hour and a half, AND SUNNY IN.....3 and a half hours!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

MSN/facebook/youtube/ email (sorta) fast

So I challenged my cousin to a fast from all those things listed above except I can send 3 emails a day:D So if I seem distant for the next 5 days thats why! I'm not sure what I'm gonna do tomorrow cause we're goin to kota's house and dessy (arnez:P:P:P:P) said that kota wanted to show her some stuff on youtube:S Anyways I'll write more about my fast on

Hahahahaha I'm listening to Owl City and it's awesome!!!! I also like the wavin flag remix:D:D:D:D Anyways I need more random!


Happy Easter! :)

Good morning everyone!!
I am up bright and early, but not before those birds. They are hootin' away outside!
Anyway, I don't know why I am up before six. I guess I am just excited. I woke up at about 4:24AM and then I rested and looked at my clock again and it was 4:59AM. Then I was reading until 5:50AM. I just don't get why I always remember those times, down to the last minute... :/ odd.
Well, HE IS RISEN! :D Such a great thing!!<3
PANCAKE BREAKFAST TODAY!! With FruitLoops and Cocoa....I hope they will have Strawberries. LOL DAKOTA!! <3 ;)

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Hey hey everyone!

I haven't blogged in awhile so ya. I'm sitting outside on the deck and the wind feels sooooo nice. Anyways you're probably wondering about the comfy part. Well we got this new chair when we were visiting my grandparents so my dad moved the old chair on the backporch so now im sitting on it and it's really comfortable! Anyways I can here my neighbors talking in the next house over and ya they're talking to there dog! It's pretty comical! Dakota just signed in so I'm gonna go.

There wasn't very much randomness in this so I'll tell y'all what I had for desert yesterday!
PIE!! of the apple sorts:D:D


Hey, people, you can feed our fish if you want! They're near the bottom of the screen, and it's a lot of fun! Last night I had a dream, that if you fed the fish enough, they grew. :D I don't think that really happens, tho.


We're watching this tv series called Psych. It's really funny, even though they swear sometimes. :'( That is one of our (or at least, mine and my dad's) pet peeves! WHY do they feel the need to stick swear words in there?!? It is totally unnecessary!!! It adds absolutely nothing to the movie, it just takes away from it, in my opinion. :P I want to go up to the people who produce those movies and yell at them. :P

*sigh* Anyway, I CAN'T WAIT TO HELP OUT WITH THE PANCAKE BREAKFAST TOMORROW! :D it's gonna be funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Easter Weekend!

Hello y'all!!
So, today is Saturday! LONG WEEKEND!!! Anyhow, yesterday was Good Friday and let me tell you what I did. I talked about some stuff in "The Fate Of Destiny", but I will go more in depth here.
I went to Church in the morning. Dakota was there and Sunny wasn't. Then after Church, we headed home for lunch. Afer we ate spaghetti (yummm) then we headed out to my Aunt and Uncle's house. They live maybe 1 and a half hours away... maybe a bit more. When we arrived, we went in. Our Uncle was at work so it was just our Aunt and Cousin. We were playing and then we went down to the living room. (Here comes the funny part!!) My cousin was on the couch and he said: "Des, look, Jenny is looking right at me!" At this point, I KNOW what you are all thinking. 'Who is Jenny??' Well, Jenny is their cat. We had been looking for her, and my cousin found her behind the couch. So, then I said: "Oh that's cool." He said: "Come look!" So I did. When I got on the couch, she was looking straight at me! It caught me off guard and I fell off the couch, trying to grab onto their table and then I knocked their bowl of candies onto the floor. I was just sitting there for a few moments, and then my Aunt came and I was sooo scared that I had broken the bowl. Thankfully, I didn't! :)
Eventually, we went out for dinner. You probably don't care what I had, but for dessert I shared (with my brother) a plate of donuts. They were mini, and the lady shook them in icing sugar, and then she had two bowls. One had chocolate and one had caramel. We dipped the warm/hottish, mini donuts in chocolate and caramel. AM I MAKING YOU HUNGRY YET????
After that, we went back to our Aunt and Uncle's for a few minutes and then we had to go. While we were driving home I fell asleep. My Aunt thinks it was from all of those donuts, even though my brother and I each had 4 and a half... but that is kinda a lot.... :D It was worth it though.
What did y'all do?? I will try and update more!! :)

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