Monday, March 8, 2010


SOooooo yummy:D

I had them for dinner, in their greasy goodness. I love tacos but not the tofu kind. Why ruin a good groundbeefy taco with tofu?!?! I feel the random need to tell you how to make a taco properly cause much too often people mess it up! (my pet peeve:P)

1. Place taco shell on plate.
2. Put fixins down the center
3. Fold taco about 2/3 of the way up
4. Fold both sides in and crease them inward at the top
5. Roll until the taco is completly sealed

Tips and Warnings:

-Once your taco is folded, it's only right to take it in both hands and gently sink your teeth into it and mubble "mmmmmmm. yummy"
-Remember to show it some respect
-Some tacos may spill a little sauce, if you bite too hard and too fast
-Remember be gentle with it, don't gobble

Hahaha I was laughing my head of when I read that so I decided to do an adaptation for our blog:P:P Hope y'all enjoyed!

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