Monday, March 29, 2010


I'm sitting in art class right now and we're doing a unit on typography (whatever that is!) and we're doing it in the computer lab on photoshop. We finished and have extra time:DThe teacher turned the light off so it seems like we're all evil sciencetists or something. Awww she turned the light back on:( Anyways it's most interesting hearing everybodys conversations as I blog away. For example: a girl next to me about how she has a library fine and she's wondering why she didn't get a notice. She stopped now and class is almost finished there's 2 minutes till the bell rings according to the computer.


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  1. Cooliooo!! And you were right, I tried the blog at my school and it worked! I made a shortcut to it, but didn't blog because I knew I would get in trouble. I will when I get free time on the computer! :P


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