Friday, March 5, 2010


I know what you're thinking. "What in the world is a PAFFLE?" As Jiggly would say, with an air of arrogance, "Pancakes and waffles put together, duh!" But please ignore him. Although he is correct, he's not very nice. So, let me tell you, instead. Paffles are pancakes and waffles put together. I don't quite how you make them, you'd have to ask Piggly or Fizz. They're much nicer than Jiggly. :D


  1. Heeehee!! Lovin' this Dakota!!!
    Couldn't they ask Ziggy as well?? Fizz probably told him by now!! ; )

  2. Hahaha I'm laughing my head off about all the people who will have no clue what all that was about:P:Plol

    For those who are confused, it's all from a work of fiction that we are particularly fond of.


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