Friday, March 26, 2010

Lunch Time Blues

Hey all,

So I'm sitting here in the school library because I have some extra time in my lunch hour. Regardless of popular opinion this library is a busy place of activity! There is a din of mixed voices, words indistigushable ( is that a word?:P) The glass door is squeaking constaintly as students filtere in and out. There's a crowd of people around the desk, I spot some people I know. Anyways this library is certainly not the sterotype.

I'm surprised that this website isn't blocked! Schools tend to have a habit of blocking sites that aren't very educational, but I guess this is sorta educational :P

I'm excited for youth tonight!!! How bout y'all?

Anyways I got to go to the dreaded english or is it math? I better go check:P Time is ticking and class is coming:(



  1. That is sooo cool that it isn't blocked at your school! :)

  2. It probably isn't at your school either....:)

  3. Yah, but at my School, the teachers will freak unless it is free time, then you can go on ANY site!! :P


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