Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Lately, Sunny and Dakota have been blogging about food, so I felt that it was my turn!!!!!

FOOOD! F-O-O-D! What's that spell?? FOOD!!!! HAHA!! Yessss, food is gooood! I like a lot of foood! Some of my favourites are: lasagna, burgers, JELLO (as you probably know from our other blog!) I also like: CHICKEN POT PIE! lol. I really do! I like noodle-y food! I had some noodle-y food for supper, so I liked it! : )

Anywho, in this movie that we watched, they were using old English and instead of saying banished like banish-t, they actually said it like banish-ed!! LOL! I thought that was soooo cool!!!

EPIC!!!!! WOOT!!!! EPICNESS!!! : D

R-A-N-D-O-M. What's that spell??? RANDOM!! It should spell, Dakota, Sunny and Destiny!! lolzzzz. Those who know us just MIGHT be agreeing right now!!

ALWAYS REMEMBER: WE'RE BLOGGING!! *Jump up and down and clap* ; P


  1. lol:P remember "you're not aloud to say epic!" lol:P

  2. haha. Just when I try to forget.... : P lolzz!


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