Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Favorite Foods

Ok, these are my favorite foods(supper foods, not snacks), whether you care or not.

2.baked potatoes
3.broccoli (believe it or not)
4.cream corn
5.roast beef
6.baby carrots done with the roast beef
8.a certain kind of white dinner roll
9.tacos (lol Sunny)

ya. my fav foods. I'm hungry now. hmph. good thing we are having some of my fav stuff tonight!! :D items 2,5, and 6, as well as corn, even tho it's not creamed. :D just thought i'd let you all know.


  1. lolz!! I had roast beef for supper today toooo!! I LOOVE 1,4,7 and 9!!!! : D

  2. I have a friend who HATES cheese with a passion:Plol


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