Wednesday, March 31, 2010


HI! PIFF!!!!

ya. anyway. although i am normally loathe to make two long blogs in a row, no one else seems to be blogging, so I guess I will. Me, Sunny, and Destiny are all in a book-writing frenzy right now. I somehow doubt that we'll ever finish any of the ones we've started, but they're fun to start. Maybe we'll even finish them when we're older. who knows?


hey, that reminds me........nope, i forgot again. ;) lol. HEY! WHO LIKES MAKING UP STRANGE NAMES FOR FANTASY STORIES? I DO!!!! :D :D :D :D :D hehehe

pogo sticking is an olympic sport, fyi.


Monday, March 29, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

Hey everybody!! In case you hadn't guessed, I'm back! It feels so incredibly good to be back home. I never want to see the inside of a McDonalds again!!!!!!!!!! That was basically all we ate for the 2-and-a-half-day drive down there and the 2-day drive back. gah. so anyway. Ya. We went to Disney World for a day, and we also went to this building that was made to look like it was upside-down, and the top floor was called the basement. It was very interesting. they had a lot of different stuff to do and experiment with. One exhibit-thingy that i remember was the Titanic one. It had a couple of wooden slats labeled "deck slant such-and-such at time after it hit" that you could walk up, and it had a tub of water that was the temperature of the ocean the night the Titanic sank. I don't remember the exact temperature, but it was SO PAINFULLY COLD. i stuck my fingers in for 6 seconds, and they went numb, but not numb enough not to hurt. There was also this tunnel that you went through (not titanic related) that had all these spinning lights so it litterally felt like the tunnel was spinning upside down. Anyways, it was fun. Now, this blog is getting long, and i haven't said anything random yet, so i will leave you with this:



I'm sitting in art class right now and we're doing a unit on typography (whatever that is!) and we're doing it in the computer lab on photoshop. We finished and have extra time:DThe teacher turned the light off so it seems like we're all evil sciencetists or something. Awww she turned the light back on:( Anyways it's most interesting hearing everybodys conversations as I blog away. For example: a girl next to me about how she has a library fine and she's wondering why she didn't get a notice. She stopped now and class is almost finished there's 2 minutes till the bell rings according to the computer.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Welcome Back Dako-Bake Sale!

I would like to extend my formal greatings to kota as she arrives home from Florida (she didn't take us with her:(:P) So anyways Kota we missed ya!!!

Bakesales are awesome and we've got a great idea for one, but you'll have to wait for more details on that! Yummyness: cake, cookies, pie, brownies, peanut butter squares, any kind of square:D the list goes on......

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Heyy y'all.
Long time no blog from me ehh? lolzz. Yah, I still feel like I am kind of having writers block, but I think I am getting better, and I know that Sunny won't let me avoid blogging forever, so I thought I might as well start doing it again. So, lately I have just been getting back into the school routine and such!
How about y'all??


Friday, March 26, 2010

Lunch Time Blues

Hey all,

So I'm sitting here in the school library because I have some extra time in my lunch hour. Regardless of popular opinion this library is a busy place of activity! There is a din of mixed voices, words indistigushable ( is that a word?:P) The glass door is squeaking constaintly as students filtere in and out. There's a crowd of people around the desk, I spot some people I know. Anyways this library is certainly not the sterotype.

I'm surprised that this website isn't blocked! Schools tend to have a habit of blocking sites that aren't very educational, but I guess this is sorta educational :P

I'm excited for youth tonight!!! How bout y'all?

Anyways I got to go to the dreaded english or is it math? I better go check:P Time is ticking and class is coming:(


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm Here!

Hey Everyone!
Yes, I agree with Sunny. When some of the members are away, I don't feel motivated to write that much. Cuz Sunny was away and now Dakota is. Also, I think I am having writers block.. :/
So, yah, I just wanted to say that I am still here and bloggin'! :)


We haven't posted in forever! That's probably b/c Dakota went to Flordia, I'm battling a cold and I have no idea what Destiny is doing.....

So ya....

I want spring to come!

Who's with me?

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Hey! So, right now I am just chatting with Dakota. I just had lunch. Kraft Dinner and apples. Yummmm! I love KD!! :D My March Break is going good!! I loooove the warm weather. It is really nice, climbing usually to about 15 degrees. Celcius that is! ;) How is your March Break??

Just Dance

Ya we got a game called Just Dance for the wii. it's a lot of fun, even though some of the dances are kind of strange. :D


If a tree falls in a forest, and no ones around, does it make a sound? think about it.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

MARCH BREAK and blogs.


Anywaysss, I wanted to talk 'bout blogs. YES,THIS IS A BBBLLLOOOGGG! Ok...I wanted to talk about all the blogs that we are in.
Dakota is a part of this blog, as is Sunny and myself (duhhhhh). Dakota has her own blog called "The Me Files", Sunny's own blog is called "Days in the Sun" and mine is called "The Fate Of Destiny". Again, Dakota made up that name for me, so DON'T ASK!! : P I LOVE THE NAME THOUGH, KOTAA! We also are all involved in "The Jello Cube". Ok, so let me get this straight.
Dakota: "Super Hyper Human Beings", "The Me Files", "The Jello Cube".
Sunny: "Super Hyper Human Beings", "Days In The Sun", "The Jello Cube".
Destiny(me): "Super Huper Human Beings", "The Fate Of Destiny", "The Jello Cube".

So there y'all have it!! OUR BLOGS!! Check them all out!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Kazoos are Awesome

Hey Hey everyone:D

MARCH BREAK IS HERE!!! Yay!! Alhomazing race tonight:D I love those things that you hum into i think there called kazoos or something. I'm listening to a song with them in it:P Now I'm listening to a song that has a that thing where the singer will sing something and the backround singers will echo. So yaaaa......

Also I'd like to draw your attention to the fish at the bottom of the home page:D I could sit for hours and "feed them":P:Plol

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Lately, Sunny and Dakota have been blogging about food, so I felt that it was my turn!!!!!

FOOOD! F-O-O-D! What's that spell?? FOOD!!!! HAHA!! Yessss, food is gooood! I like a lot of foood! Some of my favourites are: lasagna, burgers, JELLO (as you probably know from our other blog!) I also like: CHICKEN POT PIE! lol. I really do! I like noodle-y food! I had some noodle-y food for supper, so I liked it! : )

Anywho, in this movie that we watched, they were using old English and instead of saying banished like banish-t, they actually said it like banish-ed!! LOL! I thought that was soooo cool!!!

EPIC!!!!! WOOT!!!! EPICNESS!!! : D

R-A-N-D-O-M. What's that spell??? RANDOM!! It should spell, Dakota, Sunny and Destiny!! lolzzzz. Those who know us just MIGHT be agreeing right now!!

ALWAYS REMEMBER: WE'RE BLOGGING!! *Jump up and down and clap* ; P

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hey all check out our personal blogs:D go to our profiles and there should be links to them :D:D:D

P.S. Just so y'all know were not blogging nerds:P

Favorite Foods

Ok, these are my favorite foods(supper foods, not snacks), whether you care or not.

2.baked potatoes
3.broccoli (believe it or not)
4.cream corn
5.roast beef carrots done with the roast beef
8.a certain kind of white dinner roll
9.tacos (lol Sunny)

ya. my fav foods. I'm hungry now. hmph. good thing we are having some of my fav stuff tonight!! :D items 2,5, and 6, as well as corn, even tho it's not creamed. :D just thought i'd let you all know.

Monday, March 8, 2010


SOooooo yummy:D

I had them for dinner, in their greasy goodness. I love tacos but not the tofu kind. Why ruin a good groundbeefy taco with tofu?!?! I feel the random need to tell you how to make a taco properly cause much too often people mess it up! (my pet peeve:P)

1. Place taco shell on plate.
2. Put fixins down the center
3. Fold taco about 2/3 of the way up
4. Fold both sides in and crease them inward at the top
5. Roll until the taco is completly sealed

Tips and Warnings:

-Once your taco is folded, it's only right to take it in both hands and gently sink your teeth into it and mubble "mmmmmmm. yummy"
-Remember to show it some respect
-Some tacos may spill a little sauce, if you bite too hard and too fast
-Remember be gentle with it, don't gobble

Hahaha I was laughing my head of when I read that so I decided to do an adaptation for our blog:P:P Hope y'all enjoyed!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


OK! I HAVE A PREDICATMENT!!! but i'm not going to tell you what it is. SO THERE!! HA!!!!! :P :) :D

p.s. who likes oldies?? I DOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
p.p.s. DIDDLESWORTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she's here. ;)

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I feel as though I am not very random. Dakota is sooooo random!! ; P I NEED TO BE MORE RANDOM!!!!

COOKIES! PAFFLES!! I had waffles for lunch today, and I was thinking of Jiggly all the way!
I'M A POET AND I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT!!! HA! Ok. THAT was random... : D

Yesterday, we had SOOOO much fun together!! WE'RE BLOGGING!! *JUMP UP AND DOWN* LOL. That was funnyyyyy. And pretty soon...well not exactly but kinda soon, I get to see Dakota!! : D

COMMENT!! Tell us stuff!!!


Pardon me while I ramdomly shout out the name of foods that come to mind:

Green Eggs and Ham!
Lamb Chops!

Ok, now that I've made you all significantly hungry, I'm leaving. Not forever! Just for now. :)

P.S. Feel free to comment on our posts! We'd love to know what you think! :D

Friday, March 5, 2010


Hey everyone out there in cyberspace space space space space....

If you have got a few minutes take a look at our profiles:D There in the bottom right corner under contributers (that is so spelled wrong!)


We (Destiny, Sunny and Dakota) are still at youth, on our Youth Pastor's laptop!!!!! : ) WE'RE BLOGGING!!!!!! *JUMPS UP AND DOWN* JELLO!! I actually had some grape Jello today!!! XD I AM ENERGETIC!! Tomorrow, Dakota and I are gonna hang out!!!!!! YESSS!!!

A Plan to Scheme About

Hey!! we're (me,sunny,destiny) at youth right now. We're on our youth Pastor's laptop!! So, we're having this discussion about doing a hard thing, and we're going to try to raise money for people in Africa who can't afford health care. Our goal is 2500 dollars, but, knowing us, that'll be pretty hard. Now that we've been serious for a moment.........PORCUPINE!!!!!!! ya. hohoho.......and a bottle OF CHICKEN POT PIE!!!!!!! DIDDLESWORTH!! I AM HANGING WITH THE LIZARD!!! CRAZINESS IS DA BOMB!!! anyway. When in doubt, LA! not la as in L.A., as in Los Angeles, although I guess that would work too, but la as in do re mi fa so LA ti do!! :D Thus endeth this blog entry. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program......


Hey!! I haven't written here for awhile. Actually, it hasn't been that long but Dakota and Sunny have been writing more than me.
If you are ever bored, check out It is a guppy care website, but on the main page, there is a guppy swimming around and just click on the chat box and type things and talk to a guppy!!! Kat and I were actually pretty amused with it yesterday. I found out about the website awhile ago, and was bored yesterday and told Kat about it! Sunny checked it out, but wasn't as amused as Kat and I!! LOL!!!



I know what you're thinking. "What in the world is a PAFFLE?" As Jiggly would say, with an air of arrogance, "Pancakes and waffles put together, duh!" But please ignore him. Although he is correct, he's not very nice. So, let me tell you, instead. Paffles are pancakes and waffles put together. I don't quite how you make them, you'd have to ask Piggly or Fizz. They're much nicer than Jiggly. :D

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Code Names....

Ahhh the fun of code names. Making up names for people that you would like to stay unknown to the known world:P Personally, we're ones for using food as our code names. Currently I'm fighting for Fruitloop but Strawberry is an option too. Now I won't tell you who the person is b/c that would totally defie the purpose of a code name.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sherlock Holmes and NInjas

Ok, although that title may lead you to think otherwise, I don't believe Sherlock Holmes ever fought a ninja. I only called it that because those are two of my FAVORITE things EVER!!! Just ask my friends, they'll tell you! I love the old Sherlock Holmes books and movies, and the new movie is good too. It puts a little bit of a new twist on Sherlock, but there's a lot of the original stuff in there, too, which I found really cool. And I don't know WHY I love ninjas, I just DO! They're so stealthy and mysterious and athletic. :D lol!

Monday, March 1, 2010


I made cookies! Chocolate chip, to be exact. They're pretty good, if I do say so myself! First, I (with a little help from my mom. I hate the electric mixer!) made some regular chocolate chip cookies and brought them to my grandma, 'cause I'm cool like that. ;) lol. Next, with the leftover cookie dough, I'm going to just throw it all in a pan, bake it as one, and then cut it into cookie bars! I don't know when that will be, though. I'm a procrastinator. :P ;) lol.
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