Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Afternoon

Hey everybody! I'm sure you're wondering, "Why is she here, writing on a blog, instead of doing something crazy and fun, like hanging with her friends?" Believe me, I would much rather be having fun with Sunny and Destiny right now. I am SO BORED!! GAH!!!! .......... LALALA!! When in doubt, LA! Not LA as in L.A., as in Los Angeles, but LA as in DO RE ME FA SOL LA TI DO. :) Haha. Anyway, how many of you like chocolate milk? A show of hands, please? What about hot chocolate? And let's not forget chocolate milkshakes!! yummmmmmm......... I'm sure I've given you all a chocolate craving by now, so I'll stop. .........CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM! Sorry. Ok, NOW I'll stop. ;) Lol. TTFN! (Ta Ta For Now!) On that note, who here liked Pooh Bear when they were a kid? Let us know!! Byee!


  1. Love this Kota. Remember OUR version?? that was good times!! I like chocolate milk! In fact, I am drinking some RIGHT NOW!! And I like Hot Chocolate AND Chocolate Milkshakes.
    I liked Pooh Bear when I was a kid! : )

  2. pooh bear was awesome expect one of the episodes scared me:P

  3. also, can we say chocoholic, kota?:P


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