Sunday, February 14, 2010

An Introduction

Hi there!! I would like to start off this new blog with this warning:

If you are not prepared for total, utter, crazy (but clean) weirdness, STOP READING NOW! However, if you feel the need for random quotes, comments and thoughts, this blog is for you.

Now that that's settled, let's get to it!

Porcupine is spelt/spelled P-O-R-C-U-P-I-N-E, not P-O-R-Q-U-P-I-N-E. Just thought I'd let you know.

Oh, how silly of me. I forgot to introduce us. I'm Dakota Densmore, and my friends Sunny Smith and Destiny Diddlesworth (don't laugh) are going to be helping me with this blog. In fact, I was just going to get Destiny set up. Toodles!!

P.S. (from Destiny) Heyyyyyyyy. This is Desting. I am dusting right now.... jk. I accidently typed Desting instead of Destiny. Yah, so I am Destiny. Dakota and I are hanging out right now! I love this girl! <3 Yeppers.
Just thought I would tell you a few of our nicknames. For Dakota, you can call her Kat or Kota. For me, you can call me Tiny....jk. I can hardly type because I am laughing at myself. So it Kat.....SHE'S MEAN!!! LOL kiddingggg. OK, you can really call me Des, or Dusty. And for Sunny, well, that name doesn't really have a short form. Anyway, NOW we're going to leave. Byeeeee!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hey guys...... sorry girls,

    do you think we should send a link to our resident tree hugger? Please tell me you know who im talkin bout? If you don't heres a hint: He came up with Scrat

    that should be enough info! :P


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