Monday, February 15, 2010

Introduction to ME!

Hi! I am Destiny Diddlesworth. I have to agree with Sunny, that she is the most normal. I don't know if Dakota is most crazy or I am....!? I am still thinking about that one.
Dakota, comment on this and tell me what you think!! You too, Sunny!

I am not really random. (Dakota and Sunny would probably beg to differ) I seemed pretty random on my little message yesterday, though. But that was probably because I was hanging out with Kota, and when we get together.....well, lets just say, you would probably want to act like you don't know us. jk. We CAN get pretty hyper and crazy, but our friends are proud to know us!! : )

Anyways, yesterday I was talking on Dakota's entry because I wasn't set up yet. But then we tried to get me set up (as Dakota told you) and it kept on messing up. We finally gave up on it because it was really getting annoying. Today, I was talking with Sunny and she was trying to walk me through it, but it didn't work still. And then, FINALLY she got it! : D I am really glad because I really wanted to start bloggin'.

Now, for some randomness!!! STUFFED ANIMALS ROCK!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Wow. I KNOW you agree with me Kotaaaaa!!!!
WHO YA GONNA CALL????? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dakota, you know what I be sayin'!! LOLZ!!!
You can elaborate on those thoughts if you want to Kota!!

P.S. Yesterday, I wrote that you could call me Dusty. You can only call me that if you REALLY have to. I honestly don't like it that much, but Dakota and Sunny call me that sometimes. : P


  1. I think y'all are crazy in a ton of different ways :)

  2. haha. Thankssss. you are crazy too sometimes, but you are the most normal! : )

  3. Well, you're definitely the most

  4. thanks.... LOL. I guess that is true. But last Sunday-Monday you were pretty energetic yourself!! ;P


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